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By entering my userid and password and logging into the company's MIS system, I hereby certify that I have read and agree to comply with the following regulations.
Use of Company Computer Systems, Devices and Networks
Clean Harbors owns and operates computer systems and networks to support the Company’s business activities. These systems are used to improve Company cost-effectiveness and competitiveness, to make Company employees more productive, and to foster open and efficient business communication both internally and externally.

Computer systems and networks are Company assets that assist employees in the performance of their work. The efficient operation of these vital resources is critical to the success of the business, and it is the responsibility of all employees to use Company computer resources appropriately. These tools and the work product they contain are Company property, and are subject to Company review and control. The Company reserves the right to access computer networks, systems and accounts, as it deems necessary, with or without the user’s knowledge or permission. Therefore, users have no right nor expectation of personal privacy concerning the usage of the Company’s MIS system or any data stored therein.

Improper use of the Company’s computer resources is strictly prohibited.

Improper use of computer resources includes, but is not limited to, the use of Company-owned and/or operated computer systems, devices and networks for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access to internal or external computer systems or accounts, for personal purposes that interfere or compete with the Company’s business activities, or for purposes of individual financial gain.

The misuse of Company computer systems also includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unauthorized access to or use of another employee’s computer account
  • Transmitting sexual or ethnic jokes or slurs or pornography
  • Soliciting other employees
  • Making defamatory statements or sending harassing or threatening communicationsto anyone
  • Disclosing private facts about any individual or organization
  • Inappropriate disclosure of Company proprietary or confidential information
  • Conducting non-Company business transactions
  • Sending illegal communications in furtherance of a criminal or fraudulent act
The improper use of Company computer systems also includes our internal and external e-mail system and the Internet.

Although we closely monitor the web sites that employees access, we still need to emphasize that accessing inappropriate Internet sites is strictly forbidden and is grounds for employee termination. Similarly, e-mailing sexually explicit graphics, racially or ethically degrading jokes, or any type of defamatory statement will also be deemed a terminable offense.

Although we do wish to give employees some privileges to access non-business related functions, we must stress that use of the following is inappropriate and affects our ability, as a Company, to maximize the investment in our systems and network.

  • Continuing or streaming Internet access sites
  • Video segments and movie clips
  • Audio programs and downloading of audio files
  • Sending and/or receiving e-mail chain letters


A password is private information. All use of the userid (or file associated with it) is assumed to be performed by the person assigned to that userid. (The userid, or ‘account id’, is a unique identifier associated with each Clean Harbors employee.)

You are responsible for safeguarding passwords for your userids. Passwords must not be shared. It is against policy to use another’s account. Failure to conform to these restrictions may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Password Guidelines:

The following guidelines are based upon experience and common sense. The software used to change passwords will screen for most of these guidelines as an aid in creating secure passwords. This does not relieve a person of responsibility for creating and securing a good password.

  1. It must be at least six characters in length. (Longer is generally better)
  2. It must contain at least one alphabetic and one numeric character.
  3. It must be significantly different from previous passwords.
  4. It cannot be the same as the userid.
  5. It should not be information easily obtainable about you. This includes license plate, social security, telephone numbers, or street address.

Password Expiration:

Users will be required to change passwords every ninety (90) days. While password changes can be more often, they should occur whenever there is a belief that the password has been compromised. All passwords for newly activated userids must be changed at first use. This way only the person assigned the userid knows the password. If you believe that your password has been compromised you should contract both your manager and the Help Desk immediately.